Thank you for your interest in spending time with me. Here the donation I request for my time companionship and entertainment. These rates are non-negotiable.

I’m famous for everything possible in oral cockplay and therefore I’m in love with blowjob dates. Meeting me is is present you do it for yourself and your cock. Before we meet please send a message to me and introduce yourself and point out where I shall meet you. I do outcalls only and meet clients from 10am to 11pm at your place. It is not only sex what matters. Sharing a very special moment together and get close to each other is always exciting. I love to be the blowjob queen of men’s hearts. You only need some time and a good cock. My favourite techniques are so-called:


A blowjob in history was the below job. Playing with the cock in a blowjob way is very intense. I have two favourite positions for a blowjob for the best procedure.


It is not really a throat fucking but a very deep blowjob. It is most important to play with much saliva. This is the one and only secret to get deep in the throat.


While doing the intense deepthroat it is possible to gag. It sounds rough but it works fine.


Playing with balls is somehow most important. The smooth oral testicular play is called ballsucking.

Foreskin Play

Some uncircumcised males have a fair foreskin like a rose. With the tongue it is may possible to play with the foreskin.


To work everything out of the balls and taking control of it is called edging.


The procedure of a helping hand can be described as milking. Some guys like it to get milked while watching adult movies.


A blowjob session with multiple men and one woman is called a bukkake.

15 mins
30 mins
1 Hour
90 mins
2 Hours
3 Hours