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Blowjob Peace Mission

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There is not only a single story to tell you something about the blowjob. Not sailors but marines and soldiers brought the blowjob throughout the world in world war 2. Before that a blowjob in society has been commonly unknown. Sucking was part of an underground excluded from society. This times have been very bigoted.. The blowjob term arises more and more  in the 1930's. In world war 2 sucking was the way to enjoy a bit of fun with an unknown madam in France or Germany whilst listening perhaps to jazz music. The women who gifted their mouthes on soldier's cocks thought to have a small insurance against the pocks. The blowjob was believed to be less dangerous in STI questions. Perhaps this blowjob memory has been one of the better parts in life of the soldiers in ww2 service. When the mass media industry boomed in the 1950's the blowjob became more and more known by the mainstream. A decade later Linda Lovelace was starring in Deep Throat (1972).

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Why is it called blowjob?

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Sucking is known as blowjob. In French "faire une pipe" in German it is called "blasen" or "französisch". The word blowjob sounds a bit weird because a blowjob has nothing to do at all with blowing. Nothing would happen if you try to blow a cock. I have tried to find out something about the origins of the word blowjob. Originally a  blowjob has been called below job. In the Victorian period women of higher ranks refused to give a below job because of their social positioning. So the gentlemen had to find other women for the below job. But this kind of women were not able to pronounce this term correct. Perhaps you remember the musical "My fair Lady". The whole musical is about the social question of that time. Women of working classes spoke in a different way. Even today it is very important to the British people how to speak. So the below job became a blowjob. The word blowjob is slang. It is interesting to me that it was a below job. That points out that you could do everything with the cock whilst being below. The blowjob wouldn't only work by putting a cock in a mouth and that's it. It is important to play with the balls ("ball sucking") and some other parts "below". Read more

Welcome to My Blog

Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

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